The purpose of the car wheel rim provide’s a firm base on which to fit the tire. Its dimensions, shape should be suitable to adequately accommodate the particular tire required for the vehicle. In this study a tire of car wheel rim belonging to the disc wheel category is considered. Design in an important industrial activity which influences the quality of the product. The wheel rim is designed by using modelling software catiav5r18. In modelling the time spent in producing the complex 3-D models and the risk involved in design and manufacturing process can be easily minimised. So the modelling of the wheel rim is made by using CATIA. Later this CATIA model is imported to ANSYS for analysis work. ANSYS software is the latest used for simulating the different forces, pressure acting on the component and also for calculating and viewing the results. A solver mode in ANSYS software calculates the stresses, deflections, bending moments and their relations without manual interventions, reduces the time compared with the method of mathematical calculations by a human. ANSYS static analysis work is carried out by considered two different materials namely aluminium and forged steel and their relative performances have been observed respectively. In addition to this rim is subjected to vibration analysis (modal analysis), a part of dynamic analysis is carried out its performance is observed. In this paper by observing the results of both static and modal analysis obtained forged steel is suggested as best material

طراحی، تحلیل و بهینه سازی سبد سرخ کن در نرم افزار CATIA
آموزش کاربردی نرم افزار ANSYS
آشنایی با کلیات نرم افزار SimDesigner و ماژول SimDesigner Motion برای نرم افزار CATIA

مقاله Design and analysis of wheel rims using CATIA & ANSYS، مشتمل بر 8 صفحه، به زبان انگلیسی، به همراه تصاویر رنگی، با فرمت PDF، به ترتیب زیر گردآوری شده است:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Theory of Wheels
  • Rim Nomenclature
  • Type of Wheel/Rim
  • Modelling of Wheel Rim
  • Result Analysis
  • Conclusion and future work
  • Refrencess

جهت دانلود رایگان مقاله Design and analysis of wheel rims using CATIA & ANSYS بر لینک زیر کلیک نمایید:

اگر به فراگیری مباحث مشابه مطلب بالا علاقه‌مند هستید، آموزش‌هایی که در ادامه آمده‌اند نیز به شما پیشنهاد می‌شوند:

طراحی و آنالیز چرخدنده مارپیچ در نرم افزار CATIA
طراحی و مدلسازی، آنالیز و ماشینکاری خودرو مسابقه ای در نرم افزار CATIA
نرم افزار تحلیل فرم و برش ورق فلزی با CATIA
آموزش جامع نرم افزار انسیس ANSYS
آموزش مقدماتی تا پیشرفته نرم افزار ANSYS
بررسی رفتار مخازن تحت فشار استوانه ای با روش المان محدود توسط نرم افزار ANSYS